Friday, February 3, 2012

Dress size

Even though I've lost my 37 pounds, I still have the perception of a bigger body. I'm used to wearing baggy clothes. I used to wear a dress size 10, size L shirts and size 10 pants, sometimes 12. But as I went through the weight loss journey, I had to tighten my belt many notches, then buy a smaller belt altogether. My clothes looked sloppy on my frame. I've had to buy clothes that fit better.

My latest challenge is my brother Eric's wedding in two weeks. With two kids in tow, I went on a quick shopping trip to the mall with the intent of trying on a few dresses and hopefully walking out with something to wear. I went to Nordstrom and Macy's, even ducked into White House/Black Market. The size that came up consistently was: 4. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I really was. I've been having some bloated days so dress shopping is not on my favorite list right now. And I have to tackle swimsuit shopping next week--- oh JOY. Today I was really surprised that the dress size that fit the best was size 4. I tried on a shiny dress in a 6 and I could tell that it was slightly loose in the waist and hips. I might have bought it anyway, thinking I could put on some spanx and call it a day, but I could tell that if I wore a dress that FIT better, it might actually look better, and I would feel more confident instead of so-so in it.

I picked up two dresses today. One is a navy, lacy, cap-sleeved dress with a cinched waist that fits pretty well. The other is a fushia sleeveless dress with a dropped waist and a pleated, swingy "skirt" bottom. It's more plain that the blue one, but it has a mod-retro feel to it. I think the navy one looks more like formalwear. And I'm not sure if I like either dress 100%, but when pressed for time I had to make some choices. I think I'll end up with the navy one, but I sent pictures to Atz so she can give me her opinion. I'd love another chance to dress shop again, even this weekend, but it may be impossible for me to go child-less.