Friday, December 30, 2016

End of December

My original goal was to lose 15 pounds by December 20th.

I did not reach that goal.

However, by December 20th I lost around 12-13 pounds. That's pretty friggin' awesome, don't you think? ;)

I went to the gym almost every weekday in September save 2. In Oct, Nov and Dec, I averaged 2-3 times/week going to the gym. My diet has fluctuated, and has been more sugar-laden during the holidays, but I haven't had any soda since the end of August. My after-dinner snacking is limited to chocolate covered cranberries or a liquid, that's it, if at all.

Today I tried on two dresses for Cristina's wedding. One was a pretty white and black-patterend swing dress. It was sleeveless and a crewneck collar. It didn't look right on me. The 2nd dress was a navy 3/4 sleeved swing dress, v-neck. It looks great! I feel very comfortable in it. Despite being plain, I will accessorize it with sparklies. I believe it will be the one for the wedding. It's not like I'm the star, or even standing up in it, so I can be more subdued.

My midsection is not looking bad, I do have mommy pouch, but I also look less bloated. I can fit comfortably back into size 8 jeans. The pants I bought from Costco also fit well. I may have to buy a new belt! I almost look frumpy in some of the large-sized clothes I have. So, my confidence is pretty high. I have one more month to go where I can try to lose more weight, if I so choose, but... I think I have lost some of my chest again. :( The girls are looking kinda flabby if they are not in a great bra. WAH!

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